Farming practices

Our goal is to run an environmentally sound, economically viable and community conscious small farm based on permaculture principles (every plant or animal has a job and is integrated with the farm as a whole). We follow organic growing practices, but are not certified. In my ideal world, my customers would know how to grow their own food and live sustainably, and I’d be out of business, so education and transparency is also a focus. As always, we strive to let nature lead the way.


Early season: lettuce, beets, spinach and other greens, kohlrabi.
Mid season: heirloom vine ripe tomatoes, sweet bell and frying peppers, hot peppers (primarily the Hatch New Mexico varieties), gourmet garlic, carrots. broccoli, cantaloupe, summer squash
Late season: heirloom Italian onions, leeks, potatoes, celery, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke, winter squash

Jam: made in small batches with ripe fruit from the farm or from a local growers, these lower sugar spreads are fruit forward in flavor and delicious.

Toiletries, including bar soap, liquid soap, shaving soap, (soaps are primarily an all vegetable base and are vegan appropriate, with a few exceptions), beard oil, lip balm, lotion, solid lotion bars, sore muscle massage oils, essential oil bug spray and hand salve.  New soap scents about once a month. Quality hand crafted soap is a luxury your skin can afford!

Eggs: We sell pasture raised chicken and duck eggs, based on availability, at the local Downtown Farmers market. Birds are free range and are fed a local non-gmo based grain feed, along with the greens and insects they forage on their own. The eggs are spectacular, and nutritionally superior at well.

Critters: We sell amazing American Blackbelly Lamb about once every 18 months. Because these animals are hair sheep (they shed naturally - we don't sheer them) the meat is sweeter and not as strongly flavored as traditional lamb. We've had many a convert from friends who didn't think they liked lamb until they tried ours. Whole lambs only (not specific cuts).

We also sell young poultry (chicken, duck, turkey) and young rabbits (mixed meat breed) in the spring. Contact us for details.


Jennifer Kleffner & Michael Francis